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Alchemy, Ankle Dee, Becky – Island 14, Bertha, Black Bess, Bloodhound’s dinghy, Britannia cross Atlantic, Britomart, Canoes and Coracle, Coweslip, Eva, Evening Star, Firefly, Flying Spray, Folding lifeboat, Hamble fishing boat, Hannah – Swallow class, Hornet Miss J, Jessie Lumb lifeboat, Johanna, Kestre, Lean II, Mirror Dinghy, Miss Britain IV, Queen Gull, Queen Victoria lifeboat, Rosabelle, Shirley Robertson’s Europe, Signet, Sopranino, Theta, Tin-tacks canoe, Titmouse, Vigia


Flying Fifteen

Designed and built by legendary sailor Uffa Fox, the Flying Fifteen was launched in June 1949 and, in the words of Uffa, it was “a sensible, safe boat, that was fun to sail as well, for the rough and tumble of tidal waters around the UK”. Coweslip is the most famous of the Flying Fifteens keelboats, having been presented to Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip as a wedding present in 1949.

Prince Philip frequently sailed on Coweslip with Uffa Fox and, together, they had great success sailing competitively, including winning the Britannia Cup in 1952 and in fact, in 1962 at Cowes, Coweslip nearly sank when she was hit by a gust of wind and capsized, throwing both Uffa and The Duke into the water. Uffa Fox was born on the Isle of Wight and raised in East Cowes and was responsible for many of the developments which have contributed to the modern popularity of Dinghy sailing. 

Coweslip is now on display alongside the Royal Yacht Brittania in Edinburgh


1928 Photographers launch. Length 24ft 8ins Beam 4ft 6ins

When Frank Beken, the renowned Cowes marine photographer was on the water making pictures of the beautiful yachts and their exciting racing in the 1920's and 30's he did so from a sturdy but oridinary motor launch 'Rosabelle'.

In 2001 the Beken family askd the Classic Boat Museum if their volunteers would accept the boat and restore her to a seaworthy condition. In the winter of 2004/5 Rosabelle was brought into the restoration shed and the task begun. It was a lengthy job abut today Rosabelle is back in tip top condition.


Classic Bembridge Redwing -Coombes

This is hull number 22. Length 22ft, Beam 5ft 9ins.

Built in 1934 she was owned by Lord Brabazon. His Inventive spirit gave rise to the auto-gyro rig consisting of an aerodynamic propellor on top of a steel mast. Th erotating 'sail' area was 20sq.ft. (the class limit) and was painted in the same red as the other sails of the class as stipulated in the only regulation of the Redwing class. Kestrel attracts a great deal of attention wherever she happens to be demonstrated.

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