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Generosity and hard work has guaranteed a new exciting future for the Classic Boat museum in Cowes

Cowes Classic Boat Museum - team

The new West Cowes site is ready for a sneak preview for volunteers, friends, and supporters on Saturday 28th October 11am–3pm

After almost two year of hard work and tremendous generosity the new Classic Boat Museum site in West Cowes, next to the well-known ‘hammer head crane’, has been made fit for purpose.

Mark McNeill, Chairman of the trustees, said:

‘It is wonderful to announce that all the museum's classic yachts and motor boats will once again be available to view at the newly refurbished boat yard sheds on the site of the hammer head crane in West Cowes. I would like to thank all the hard work put in by our friends and volunteers and, of course, to the Harrison Trust who were able to offer the use of shed number 117. We will be opening the site to friends and volunteers on Saturday the 28th with a planned public opening in the spring of 2018. There is still much work to do and money to raise to achieve all our ambitions to include new interactive and multimedia visitor displays, however, with the determination seen to date I am sure will succeed in creating a unique attractions Cowes will be proud of ’.

East Cowes Gallery an ongoing success

The Classic Boat Museum gallery has been open in East Cowes during the development of the new museum site in West Cowes and it is intended that this will remain open with its displays of artefacts that have attracted much interest even though the actual yachts and boats have not been on display.

The preview of the new museum in West Cowes on Saturday 28th October is intended as a thank you to all who have been involved as volunteers enabling the achievements to date and to encourage new volunteers to get involved. A presentation will be given explaining the goals for the official opening to the public in the spring of 2018. Being ready for the public opening will be a huge challenge and the museum still requires further financial support as well as volunteers to run the museum day to day, build and maintain the displays, provide educational support and work with our restoration team.

If you would be interested in finding out more about the museum and how you could help please come along on the day or contact the museum directly.

Photo caption: (left to right)

Alec Anderson IOW Historic Lifeboat Trust

Martin Woodward Chairman IOW Historic Lifeboat Trust

Mark McNeill Chairman Classic Boat Centre Trust

Kim Lyall Founder member of CBCT trust.

Owen Carver CBCT Volunteer

Mike Dixon CBCT Volunteer

Steve Symons CBCT Volunteer

Alan Bird CBCT Volunteer

Tod Taylor CBCT Volunteer

For more information please contact:

Mark Mc Neill, Chairman

Stuart Greenfield, 07788 662697

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