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Gatten & Lake Primary School spend a day at The Museum

On the 16th May 27 pupils from Gatten and Lake Primary school visited the Classic Boat Museum for the whole day.

They began in the boat shed with our newly designed 'Safety at Sea' workshop. An imaginary time machine took us back in time to various points on our timeline - The first ever lighthouse at St Catherine's point, the first ever lifeboat in Bembridge, the collapsable lifeboat, the airborne lifeboat and a modern-day life raft. Activities included a tour of the Jesse Lumb, an introduction to 'lumens' a 90m 'rocket' launch and a life vest drill.

Having recovered with a spot of lunch our intrepid pupils caught the chain ferry over to the Gallery where they were introduced to the Cowdray Engraving before heading off to the education room to sample the costumes and artefacts found on the Titanic.

A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all and a big thanks go to the staff and children from Gatten and Lake primary school for engaging in such a positive way.


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