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Isorropia Foundation Boat Shed Visit

On May 28th a group of people from the IOW health & wellbeing organisation, Isorropia Foundation, visited the Boat Shed. This was organised by Lisa Kerley as part of the ACE-funded ‘It’s Your Museum’ project, aimed at opening the museum to members of the community who might not normally visit. Participants also enjoyed meeting Martin Woodward, former coxswain of Bembridge Lifeboats who was cleaning the brass on the Jesse Lumb, an important lifeboat built by J.S. White in 1937. A member of the group who had been on the Jesse Lumb as a boy, as his uncle was a lifeboatman, shared stories with Martin about his uncle. There was a lot of curiosity about the boats and a genuine interest, in particular, in the craftsmanship. The visit felt very relaxed and the group felt confident to explore and ask questions of the volunteers.


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