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Americas Cup AC75 Arm build

The coming together

Both halves are now built and ready to be joined together.

Epoxy has been put along both edges and we are ready to go.

Spoiler alert, we did do a dry run first!

3 A few gaps.jpg

A few gaps, but they will pull together with clamps.

5 Look from boat end.jpg

There is still a lot of filling and fairing to be done, all the screw holes need to be filled and the bare wood surfaces need to be given a layer of epoxy to seal them.


It was a Friday afternoon, and after a day of filling and shaping we thought it would be a good point to take the arm to the boat and see how it looked.

The next two pictures show the leading and training edge views of the arm in a rather wet shed where the AC75 is stored.


There is still a lot of shaping to do as well as a fairing compound to be applied and made good.

These two pictures were to be a poignant moment in the project. 

The next stage, the "", can be seen by clicking here.

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