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August 2021

Heritage Highlights of the America’s Cup

This exhibition will explore the America’s Cup - yacht racing’s ‘Formula 1’. It charts the origins of the Cup when America first won the 100 Guinea Cup in the Round the Island Race, with Queen Victoria as its enthusiastic spectator. It will investigate the early challenges of Cutters (one-masted) and Schooners (two masted), both at the time gaff-rigged and later the Bermudan rigged J-Class boats of the 1930s. These are documented with prints from glass plate photographs and archive film. After the Second World War there was demand for a more affordable race boat and the Twelve Metre Rule became the defining standard until 1992, when it was replaced by the International America’s Cup (IACC) Rule. A special section will be devoted to our ‘local hero’, Cowes resident, Harold Cudmore, who was head coach and trial helm in for the winning boat, America3, in the 1992 campaign.


September 2021

Sailing By

An exhibition about dinghy and keel boat sailing, featuring the Dinghy Simulator, a virtual sailing experience. 


Come and enjoy sailing and never get cold and wet!

The Dinghy Simulator is a cockpit of a sailing dinghy connected to a computer and a pneumatic ram. Cruise or race around the buoys. Control the boat with the main sheet, the tiller and your weight position. Choose the type of boat you sail and set the wind speed and direction. It’s a great way of learning if you’re just starting out, it comes with a special seat for disabled sailors, and a challenge can be set for experienced dinghy sailors as well. The simulator imparts the sheer thrill of sailing and teaches important skills in thinking ahead and minimising risk.


November 2021

Nipegegi – Circumnavigating the UK in a Wayfarer Dinghy


Will Hodshon, who circumnavigated the UK with Rich Mitchell in a Wayfarer Dinghy called Nipegegi in 2019, will give an illustrated talk at the Classic Boat Museum on Saturday November 13, 2021. This will be preceded by a presentation at Cowes Enterprise College, whose Design and Technology students are restoring a Wayfarer dinghy.



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