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The Classic Boat Museum’s goal is to develop a growing and active museum in the community focused on championing the outstanding marine heritage that created hundreds of years of prosperity for Cowes and the Isle of Wight


The Museum is focused on developing its range of historical yachts covering sailing, motor, commercial and lifeboats all on display and accessible to the public. 


The Museum also has a wider focus which enables ongoing sustainability and relevance by developing new projects. 


Cowes and the Isle of Wight has for centuries been an active working town engaged in the design, building and maintenance of some of the most innovative new technology of its time, be it sail, steam, diesel or gas turbine. The Isle of Wight continues to be a centre of excellence for the development of materials technology for the marine, automotive, aerospace and general  construction industry with a focus on new technologies such as carbon composites. It is for this reason that the Classic Boat Museum  goal is to continues to restore and build yachts using local craftsmen. The skills of the past are fundamental to many of the skills used today in high technology manufacturing so there is a role for the Museum to develop apprenticeship programmes for a new generation of craftsmen who will gain transferable skills to develop their careers. The new boatyard in West Cowes is ideal for the development of a restoration and boat building team with a focus on preserving and development boat building skills.

To this end the Museum is interested in discussing and developing projects in the following areas:

Historical research and new exhibition creation

Restoring yachts and boats of all ages

Creating a centre of excellence for marine crafts and associated skills

Creating lecture and training programs

Educational partnerships with schools and colleges

Partnerships with other  symbiotic organisations across the UK and Worldwide

For more information please contact our team 

Current projects needing help and assistance include:

WW1 Exhibiton Project

Vigia Restoration

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