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Americas Cup AC75 Arm build

Building the former

Real plan.jpg

We were given access to the plans from BAR and were able to extract a close representation of the real arm.

Below is the shape of the arm, the left side connects to the fin and the right to the boat hull. The shape of the arm at 10 station points is represented by the aerofoil shapes below the arm shape. 

We need some tooling to make this on!


The first task was to mark out the shape of the former, this was done on one and half sheets of 18mm MDF.
The total length of the former is 3.6m.
To the right of the wood batten will be the top side of the foil and the left will be the bottom of the foil. Two of these were cut to make both sides of the former.


One half cut out.


Slots are cut for stringers to support the build as will be seen later. 

Putting togetherb.jpg

The first former is built.

The next stage of the story is building one side of the arm.

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