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There is plenty to see and do at the Museum and a fantastic way to learn about the maritime history of the Isle of Wight. We welcome schools from all over the world.

If you are UK-based, a school trip to the museum is the perfect supplement to the national curriculum and an enriching day out for your class. Learning materials for Key Stages 1-3  have been developed in collaboration with the Isle of Wight Heritage Service under the “Museums and Schools” programme.

We offer great opportunities for schools

Key Stage 1: Safety at Sea – visit to the Boat Shed and learning activity in the Gallery

Key Stage 2: Prepare to Sail – visit to the Gallery, Safety at Sea and Transport Through Time

Key Stage 3: Local maritime history project

Group size: 15-30

Self-guided tour with Q & A one site (£2.50 per student)                                               

Self-guided tour with Q & A two sites (£3.50 per student)                                            

Workshop & self-guided with Q & A tour one site (£5.50 per student)                    

Workshop & self-guided tour with Q & A two sites (£6.50 per student)

Volunteers are on hand to assist with the self-guided tours

The museum is open for school visits Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm 

The Dinghy Simulator is available as an after-school activity (£4.50 per student)

Activities to support your visit to the Classic Boat Museum 

There are lots of resources available to support your visit to the Classic Boat Museum. These include videos and activity sheets with lots of fun and creative ideas to extend learning opportunities either before or after a visit.

Please contact us on or 01983 244101 to book.

Schools that have visited us

Schools Dinghy Simulator 

As part of the Museums and Schools programme, in conjunction with a qualified dinghy sailing instructor, we can offer the Dinghy Simulator experience to small groups.

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Contact for bookings:

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