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It's Local Giving's 'grow your tenner day' again on October 17th...

... and we need your help to project the right image at the New Boat Yard in West Cowes

Dear Friends,

The Classic Boat museum’s new Boat Yard at Medina Village is almost ready to open to the public. It’s a fantastic space providing the museum with the opportunity to display a huge range of our classic sailing and motor craft.

The final step is to prepare the interior with additional multi-media and interactive displays to create a series of sensation presentations bringing to life these magnificent sailing vessels and lifeboats.

We need to raise £10,000 as soon as possible so that on opening we able to project the right image! If you can help on October 17th 2017 your £10 donation will be doubled to £20.

The £10,000 will be spent on three high powered projectors and the associated equipment to run and install the presentations.

Many thanks for your help,

Mark McNeill,


Notes regarding donations by direct debit via Local Giving

The museum uses the Local Giving website to manage donations as this gives us free access to the Gift Aid schemes and is a trusted and secure site for you to be use. This year the 'Grow you tenner' scheme offers a great funding opportunity to those who may wish to set up a direct debit. For the direct debit giving as you only get the £10 match funding after the first 6 months but then you get it for six months so it means that you pay £120 and we get £180 plus gift aid making the total £210.

For more information and to donate please go

Link to local giving

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