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At 50mph she really does give you the...

...COLLIWOBBLE arrives at the museum

A recent arrival on our powerboat scene is small - but powerful.

Colliwobble is a 1962 Class B Sport Utility race boat, a popular class over 30 years from the 1930’s, especially in the USA. Built in plywood, she featured strongly at the 1962 London Boat Show and was purchased by Peter Allen. She returned to the show as a classic boat in 2008 and again in 2015.

Owner Steve Carpenter bought her in 2001 in a poor state and, with the help of the British Military Powerboat Trust, brought her back into active racing trim and to her present remarkable condition. The steering position requires unusual body and weight control from the single helmsman, at speeds of 35 mph from a 22hp Mercury and 50mph from a 33hp Yamato. Displayed at the museum with a rare Mercury MK40H modified engine, 55+mph expected. Steve also co-owns another popular boat generously loaned to our collections – Queen Gull, very different from Colliwobble but equally beautifully preserved and with an unusual and fascinating history.

Steve's quote: "It worries me sometimes when running at 50 mph with glue that's now 57 years old!"

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