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Rosabelle stars in new Channel 5 TV sailing documentary

A new 'round the UK' sailing documentary staring John Seargant and Michael Burke made a visit to Cowes in late June and it became a perfect opportunity for the Cowes Classic Museum's Rosabelle to become a star for the day.

In glorious sunny weather the film makers wanted to mark the celebrities visit to Cowes and the Royal London with an interesting story involving the town and its sailing history. Rosabelle, looking amazing after her winter refit, was ready and Ken Beken of Cowes agreed to come aboard with the original Beken tripod camera used by his grandad to take some of the most memorable sailing pictures during the heyday of Cowes yacht racing.

Rosabelle and its Museum crew followed John and Michael in their yacht and were able to provide the crew with some brilliant and nostalgic film footage of Ken and Rosabelle in action. We look forward to seeing the finished documentary when it is aired on TV.

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