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Brand New Dinghy Simulator - Free trial sessions at Classic Boat Museum

As part of the Museums and Schools programme, Island schools are being invited to take part in trialling a brand new Dinghy Simulator at the Classic Boat Museum in East Cowes. From 28th February to 31st March 2022 schools will be invited to a free full-day visit to the museum where they will be able to take part in a range of activities.

The visit will include three workshops:

Prepare to Sail! (Dinghy Simulator) The Classic Boat Museum is the only organisation on the Island to have a dinghy simulator: this teaches you how to sail without getting your feet wet! The controls in the simulator are set out just like a real dinghy. When you move the controls, the simulator moves as a dinghy would. Individual pupils will sit in the simulator and are guided by a UKSA trained coach.

Transport through time Learn about the Island’s maritime innovations over the last 150 years using the Museum’s collections, get hands-on with the exhibits and take part in a Lego boat building challenge. Pupils also find out about Marconi’s pioneering work on the Island, how Morse Code was used on ships and practice SOS in Morse Code. (Can be adapted for KS1 or KS2)

‘S.O.S.’ Safety at Sea At KS1, through costume, artefacts and roleplay, pupils will identify what was done to keep people safe at sea in the past and compare it with what is done today. At KS2, the workshop will looks at why safety improved - and pupils will consider the technology that made these developments possible. Pupils will take part in activities to help them learn about safety at sea in the past, including signalling and safety equipment.

Booking Information

Please click here for dates and booking information

*The Dinghy Simulator workshop will be available as part of visits to the Classic Boat Museum after the trial period and will be subject to a standard charge of £6.50 per pupil (for a full-day visit including all three workshops)


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