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The Classic Boat Museum Gallery update by Judy

The Classic Boat Museum Gallery has re-opened its doors for the Summer Season. Closing the Gallery in the winter gives our volunteers a chance to catch up with general maintenance and add to our many, and ever-changing exhibits.

This year there are some important changes in the Gallery.  Our reception/front of house area has been transformed.  We have a superb working model of the Bembridge Lifeboat 48-006. After much deliberation, we decided to close our Gallery Café. The new layout means we still have plenty of seating for visitors to rest, look through our collection of second hand and new books and chat with our volunteer guides.

In the centre of the Gallery, volunteers are working hard on the installation of a new cinema. When completed, visitors will be able to view historic maritime film footage from the museum's archives. We continue to add QR codes to many exhibits so visitors can access audio information.

2024 is a very special year as the RNLI is celebrating its Bicentenary. The museum and other island heritage organisations are focusing on this and on the the 80th Anniversary of HMS Cavalier, the last remaining WW2 CA-class Destroyer built in Cowes by J. Samuel White. More on this later in the year.  


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