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Uffa Fox - In a 'mess' dress

Rosemary Joy was very pleased to be able to buy, at the annual Cowes Week auction, Uffa Fox's orginal mess dress that he wore at the Royal London Yacht Club on many occassions - we were so surprised what amazing condition it is in considering its age and the 'fun' Uffa always got up to.

We hope to have the great mans mess dress on display soon and if anyone has a full size mannequin they would like to donate please get in touch!

The work of the volunteers at the musuem never stops and building the collection is a continous and worthy task that will enable us all to benefit today and in the future.

Many auctions and personal collections become available so please let us know of any opportunities to develop the museums collection of sailing and yachting items.

This is sometimes how it happens...

...A very large parcel arrived by Royal Mail during Cowes Week to the Chairman’s home, following an email and phone call from the family of a man “who had been very keen on motor bikes”?? Fortunately, it transpired that he had actually been a keen yacht designer too and this welcome bequest was his collection of drawings, plans and photographs all neatly packed. They relate to several prominent south coast yards and our archivists can’t wait to unroll every cylinder and begin cataloguing what we hope will become.

And then.... another opportunity....

...There has recently been a massive – no other word for it – online auction of the maritime collection of one man, gathered over many years and from many sources. Over 800 lots were catalogued including nearly 300 boats, many of national and international fame, and spread to all corners of the country, Eyemouth, Lowestoft and Cardiff.

After much email and phone discussion amongst both Museum members and other concerned yachting historians, and thanks to strong financial support from individuals, your Board decided to bid for two boats, in both of which they were successful. They are each Uffa Fox designs, the Flying 10 and the Flying 12, baby sisters to the better known Flying 15, of which of course Coweslip is the best known example.

The work continues .... many thanks to all our volunteers.

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