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Remarkable People who have done remarkable things... Sonya Rigaud-Barret reviews our newest exhibiti

The Classic Boat Museum is proud to be part of ‘Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes’, a new initiative supported by Arts Council England.

‘Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes’ shines a light on those who have achieved innovative, fascinating, life-changing or awe-inspiring things whilst on the Island and includes individuals who have been chosen to tell the story of the Isle of Wight from the dinosaur age to the Facebook era. They are remarkable people who have done remarkable things.

The Classic Boat Museum ‘Hidden Heroes’ Exhibition, currently on display at its East Cowes Gallery premises, features 8 individuals, some of whom many visitors will never have previously heard of and who, in many cases, have never been acknowledged for their remarkable contribution to life on the Isle of Wight and beyond.

From Isaac Thornycroft, Olympic motorboater, racing driver and sculptor to Christopher Cockerell who is best known for his work on hovercrafts but was also an engineer and inventor on numerous pioneering projects, including Radio Navigation Systems for British bombers, vital to the success of the D-Day landings.

From ‘Joe' Carstairs, who was known in the 1920’s as the 'fastest woman on the water', an openly gay, eccentric and tattooed female powerboat racer who spent several years on the Isle of Wight, to Blanche Coules Thornycroft who became the first lady-member to be admitted to The Royal Institute of Naval Architects in 1917.

The exhibition features information and artefacts related to individuals who were involved in the early pioneering days of flying, submarines, hovercrafts and sailing. There are Schneider Trophy flying aces and Olympic Medal Winners, America’s Cup participants and Isle of Man TT racers as well as those who worked selflessly to offer support our troops engaged in World Wars.

Joe Carstairs - "The fastest woman on the water"

Be sure to visit to discover more about the Isle of Wight through its ‘Hidden Heroes’.

Remarkable people. Remarkable stories. Remarkable Island

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